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June 11 2012
2012 Weaponeer Camp n Shoot
Contributed by weaponeer - There are 0 comments
Posted In Shooting
It's that time again. when we host a camping event where everyone has a great time chatting about the world of guns in the evening, but during the day we head over to the local gun club for some shooting...

The Max Range is 200 yards.

I have some steel plates for pistol shooting, and a couple for rifle shooting at the 200 yard mark.

We have the option of shooting indoors (which is the way this range was designed).  it has a small building with power, and windows to shoot from, with built in benches, or we can shoot outside the building.

50 BMG can be fired, but no Tannerite.

For the camping we do try to test some SHTF gear, such as not using matches or lighters to start fires, so people can get used to starting a fire that way.

as for the costs....

Camping is $7 per night for tents / no power  (I think the power spots are $12)  and in either case the wood is free.

The camp site is actually right in town, so it's cheap and handy.

There is one camp site that you need to hike about 1 mile to get to it.  it has a fire ring, and a table...   and thats it.  camping there is free.

The Gun Club is I think $25 per year, so it's not an expensive time.

Location:  Wonewoc WI  53968

Everyone is invited....  date TBD
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