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M60 app letter
Weaponeer Forums : BATF approval letters

Posted in BATF approval letters
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Joined: September 18 2005
Location: United States
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Posted: October 17 2005 at 9:04am | IP Logged Quote panaceabeachbum

m60 letter




    JUN 2 3 1997


American Arms, Delta
105 N. Edison Way #8
Reno, Nevada 89502


This refers to the semiautomatic firearm that was
resubmitted for classification. The weapon was
received on April 30, 1997,

Examination of the submitted sample, serial number
A70178, indicates that it is a semiautomatic rifle
based on the M60 machinegun design. The receiver has
been assembled using a remanufactured M60 machinegun
trunion, a M60 machinegun right side rail, left side
rail and rear bridge. A newly manufactured lower
channel has been attached to the trunion and side rails
by means of 12 rivets. The lower channel has no
opening for the M60 machinegun sear and a plate
approximately 13 inches in length has been installed in
the bottom of the channel by means of six rivets. The
purpose of the above plate is to prevent the
installation of a standard M60 machinegun operating rod.

The above receiver construction has previously been
approved provided that the forward two rivets attaching
the lower channel to each side of the trunion are
welded in place and the lower channel is welded to the
trunion by means of seam welds on each side and the
bottom of the channel in the area where the channel
meets the trunion. Additionally, four of the rivets
which attach the plate to the inside bottom of the
lower channel must be welded in place.

The forward pistol grip mounting point on the trunion
has been eliminated and relocated approximately 1/2
inch to the rear of the original position. The rear
pistol grip mounting slot has also been moved
approximately 1/2 inch rearward.





American Arms, Delta

A standard M60 machinegun sear has been modified by
removing the engagement surface. A spring loaded,
pivoting, trigger bar has been attached to the left
rear of the modified sear. This trigger bar passes
upward through a hole in the lower channel and
corresponding slots cut in the left side of the bottom
plate and left rail. This trigger bar engages a spring
loaded sear located in the rear of the bolt.

The firearm has been redesigned to fire from the closed
bolt by means of a spring loaded striker. This striker
is mounted in a rectangular housing containing a spring loaded sear. The housing screws into the rear of an
M60 machinegun bolt. The firing mechanism is designed
such that when the trigger is pulled the trigger bar
depresses the sear, thus releasing the striker to fire.
When the sear has been depressed, the trigger bar
disconnects from the sear. After each shot is fired,
the trigger must be released to allow the trigger bar
to reconnect to the sear.

A M60 machinegun operating rod has been modified by
grinding the bottom surface. This grinding removes the
original sear surface and allows the operating rod to
clear the plate installed into the lower channel. The
recoil buffer yoke has been reduced in height to allow
the modified bolt to fully recoil during firing.

Based on the above examination, the semiautomatic copy
of the M60 machinegun is designed and manufactured to
function in only the semiautomatic mode. Provided that
the receiver construction is as described above and incorporates the welding described in paragraph 3 on
page one of this letter, the sample is classified a
firearm as that term is defined in 18 U.S.C., Chapter
44, Section 921(a)(3)(A).

Please be advised that this determination is based on
the sample as submitted using a newly manufactured
receiver and incorporating the additional described
welding. If the design, dimensions, configuration,
materials used or method of construction are changed,
this classification is subject to review. We would
also point out that an existing M60 machinegun modified
to the above configuration would still be a machinegun
as defined.




American Arms, Delta

It is suggested that a model designation be assigned which will clearly distinguish the semiautomatic firearm from an M60 machinegun. Once a model designation has been assigned, please provide this office with the designation and the serial number range that will be used on the firearms.

The submitted sample is being returned under separate cover.

We trust that the foregoing has been responsive to your inquiry. if we can be, of any further assistance, please contact us.

                   Sincerely yours
                  Edward M. Owen, Jr.
           Chief, Firearms Technology Branch




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Posted: February 17 2006 at 11:02am | IP Logged Quote sf46

Great, when can I get one?


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