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Joined: July 16 2005
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Posted: October 21 2014 at 12:27pm | IP Logged Quote weaponeer

I have been missing from the website recently, due to some medical issues which will require surgery, Nov 3rd.  Thankfully the VA is sending me to a local hospital for surgery.

The next Day I'll be voting a straight party ticket (republicans), and the next day I'll be back to the same hospital, to see the Orthopedic Surgeon this time about having my left shoulder rebuilt (I have been dealing with all new levels of severe pain, that has not been close to be controlled by my typical 160 mg of Morphine per day), and I will then have to go through the whole PREOP poke and prod again, with more MRI's, EKG's etc before they will set a date prior to shoulder  surgery.

My shoulder  has waited since the beginning of the year when I seem to have torn a rotator cuff ( of all things, while watching TV......  old age sucks! ).  and for a couple months it didn't really bother me much (car was dead, and could not make it to the VA for care)  and then I re-injured my shoulder, and was finally able to make an appointment at the VA, and was told I had an all new doctor (note: I much prefer female doctors for primary care, because they seem to actually listen to you before passing medical judgement !) and I realized that right away me and the new male doctor were NOT going to work out.  While my shoulder pain was tolerable, I knew my shoulder needed an MRI in order to prove that I re-injured it. I only have one good arm as it is, due to being a partial hand amputee, and I'm always in pain due to an old spinal injury.  But the new "Dr" had only one goal, and that was removing my pain meds, after stating that there was nothing wrong with my shoulder, and could care less about my spinal injury which was affecting my spinal cord, which has also caused the lose of feeling to my feet (without reducing the quantity of pain to my feet (whats up with that!) along with other pain issues.. so I reported my doctor and demanded that I be given an all new doctor, and they actually gave me the only free doctor (a female) and stated that everyone had issues with that "doctor"  even his nurses didn't really like him...  lol).  Unfortunately I re-injured my shoulder two more times before I was able to see the new doctor.

The new female doctor listened to my concern's, and scheduled an MRI as I requested, and several days later I was still waiting on the results of my MRI, so I emailed my doctor to get the results, and I received an email back stating that I have been referred to the Madison VA Hospital, for shoulder surgery, without  saying what was wrong ???.   so, before the initial surgery will be healed, I will be having a second operation.

So for the next several weeks I'm not really going to be available, or in a good  mood...  I have had rotator cuff surgery on my right arm, and it's not fun at all,  with no comfortable means of sleeping for a couple weeks, and then to irritate me even more, I have several weeks with the  VA PT (physical terrorists)  so  NOV. is really going to be hard on me..

we are in great need of donations to support the site  !  

To make things worse, I had to pay the hosting fee's out of pocket last month with few donations.  and this month, as well as next month I'm going to be REALLY short on funds, and not able to pay my bills much less  pay hosting fee's, so we are in need of donations both big and small...  in order to make this months and next months hosting fee's.

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Weaponeer.net survives on donations made each Month by the membership. if we don't get enough donations, our hosting provider turns off the website, and only turns it back on after the hosting fee's have been paid. Please... every donation counts
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