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Joined: March 14 2013
Posts: 904
Posted: November 23 2015 at 11:31am | IP Logged Quote Paraquat

I ran the collator this weekend.
I tossed a handful in and most of them fed. With 2 shells in the collator tray, a third jammed the assembly.

I reset the collator and tried again. First one out of the hole and I realized what the problem is. My hacked, glued plastic funnel broke.
I made the aluminum one.

Here's a scrap piece of material

I drilled through .625 and counter bored .755 x .375 deep for the plastic tubing.

I kicked the block 20 degrees and plunged an endmill in to blend the ramp. Then I used my dremel with a scotch brite wheel to polish it up.

Here you can see the tubing inserted.

I wanted this collator to be standalone. Last time I bought 2000 cases I just said "Here's money" and the guy said "Here's cases". There was no way I was going to hand count 2000 cases. So the next time I buy cases I can bring this with me. I added a hinge to the aluminum exit ramp block so if I ever change the angle the exit ramp is self adjusting. It also added a bit more stability. I fed cases without issue afterwards.

I fed cases non stop until my arm got tired, then switched arms. Then I continued to feed until the exit chute became blocked. Not a single misfeed, no alignment issues, just functioned and spit out every single case. I started working on the code for the counter.
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Joined: March 14 2013
Posts: 904
Posted: November 30 2015 at 8:10am | IP Logged Quote Paraquat

It was 296 cases.

300 seems to be on the verge of over saturation for the collator to manage.

I made a funnel with an .0625" diameter hole. This way the cases HAD to pass through and would be registered. I had a small hiccup in the code... a function in the wrong location and it was causing an extra delay. Once I remedied that I was operational.
I deprimed all my remaining brass.

I ran 10 tests of 100 cases. I have 95.5% accuracy. The lowest count registered was 93 and the highest was 97. It may not be perfect but it's better than guesstimation. I'll package it up in a project box and play with it from there.

Running the cases through the collator revealed three .40 and one .380 that were mixed in. I'm sure I would've caught that when I tried to seat a bullet, hopefully maybe.
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Moderator Group
Moderator Group

Joined: February 26 2013
Location: United States
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Posted: November 30 2015 at 1:40pm | IP Logged Quote backbencher

We have a box of factory Remington .223" @ work that has a round seated upside down.   
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