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WTT/S: Misc Parts for AK build parts.
Weaponeer Forums : For Sale/Trade or Want to buy

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Joined: October 14 2017
Location: United States
Posts: 3
Posted: October 25 2017 at 9:39pm | IP Logged Quote Helmax

I am in the middle of building some AKs and these projects are not getting the attention they deserve. Some are just parts, others just lacking welding. Until I get a TIG welder these are just gonna sit, so maybe someone here can use them or maybe you have some AK build parts or tools? Very interested in any kind of build jigs, AK, HK, etc. I'm putting prices on everything for approximate trade value then cash price. I can send any and all pics you may need. Just email me at: nrhelmick@gmail.com and I'll send you whatever you need. I'm also in the market for a MP5K bolt head, cocking tube assy and trigger pack. May also be interested in G3 parts. Anyway, here's what I have I hope someone here can make use of it. Thanks weaponeer for the forum.

1) M60 demil receiver with overlapping pieces for the rails and channel. Trunnion is partially there. Torch cut but the channel and rails are all there, pieces overlap. One torch cut through them, one torch cut through trunnion. Front if trunnion not included. $250 trade/ $200 cash.

2) MAC 11/9 receiver unwelded. Complete machined floor plate/back wall and complete machined side plates. All holes drilled, included is a Sten magwell with CNC catch. $120 trade/ $90 cash

3) MAC 10/45 receiver unwelded. Undrilled side plates and drilled floor plate/back plate. Unwelded Grease Gun magwell, unbent trigger guard/feed ramp and rear sight plate. Included is an unfired open bolt barreled upper, top cocker. Barrel pin never drilled, original MAC. $175 trade/ $125 cash

4) MSG90 flat and new cocking tube. Same as a G3 flat minus the scope mount tabs. Brand new cocking tube, both still in plastic. $150 trade/ $110 cash

5) HK SP89 Barrel, used but great condition. JA date code. $60 trade/ $40 cash

All prices OBO. Shipping not included but I only charge actual cost to ship however you prefer.

Thanks for looking.

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Joined: November 13 2017
Location: Sweden
Posts: 1
Posted: November 21 2017 at 9:11am | IP Logged Quote Erik1719

hi, my name is Erik, i live in Stockholm Sweden, i am looking for some one that mightbeinterested in changing some parts or maby help me getsomeproducts delivery to me as mostof thevamerican companys will not deliver international.

as an example in sweden i can go bay as meny AR 15 lower receivers as i like, but i can not bay the barrel, the bolt or the upper recover, in some of the othereuropean contrys i can bay uppers as well as lovers, AK recivers the only thing that you nead permission to bay pistols and revolvers, you can not bay the frame in sweden, but the are other european countrys that you might be able to bay frames, but the slide , cylinders and berets recur permission, a specific gun license.

maby you are interested in some Yugoslavian AK;S zASTAVA M70




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Moderator Group
Moderator Group

Joined: February 26 2013
Location: United States
Posts: 4392
Posted: November 21 2017 at 9:24am | IP Logged Quote backbencher


Most gun parts are governed internationally by ITAR, so US members here can no more ship you gun parts than you can order from American companies on the internet.  There are tremendous fines and even prison sentences for those that violate Customs regulations.
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