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Does any body ha tokarev reamer dimension
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Joined: February 02 2018
Location: Thailand
Posts: 2
Posted: July 25 2018 at 1:21pm | IP Logged Quote nobeltnium

Hey guys, i'm planting to made from scratch a 7.62x25mm barrel, right now i have successfully made a blank one with rifling and everything. the last thing i need is the chamber.
i contacted a tool making company and they can make me the thing with good price, however i do not have the correct dimension to give it to the manufacturer. So does any one have a plan for tokarev reamer in C.I.P dimension. i googled a bunch and can only get them in inches wich we don't understand and don't use it, such a pain.
And no i won't buy it because i don't want to spent a fortune on something i only use 2-3 times. By having these guy making it customly i can choose the cheapest material and throw it after use without crying.
i don't think any one will read this any way hehe, but if you do. Many thanks.
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Moderator Group

Joined: February 26 2013
Location: United States
Posts: 4292
Posted: July 25 2018 at 2:30pm | IP Logged Quote backbencher

Google will happily convert from God's measurements to heathen metric for you, or you can look up the formulae and calculate it yourself.
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Joined: August 17 2016
Location: United States
Posts: 15
Posted: July 30 2018 at 11:05pm | IP Logged Quote ArmThePeople

I just googled it 1 Inch=25.4 mm or 2.54 cm.
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