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Crossbreeding the Ar15 and M31
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Joined: April 29 2008
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Posted: May 01 2008 at 11:24am | IP Logged Quote hawcer

I apologize for reposting this,but this is where I think it belongs....The link at the left side of the page kept taking me to the wrong section...but I eventually found it.

I have now competely read through the whole Suomi build thread....WOW,that's a ton of information!

While doing this,I had my "wordpad" open and took notes on dimensions,specs,different ideas with corresponding images,So I wouldn't have to scan through all that again to find the info.

I would post this in the "homebuilt" section,but it doesn't seem to exist.I FOUND IT...SO HERE IT IS!!!

I am kinda leaning toward crossbreeding the m31 and ar15.Mainly due to lack of machinery to do the work involved with the M31.(mainly the bolt)

Here are my Ideas :

1) Use a M31 type barrel with Tom's redesigned takedown feature.

2) which  means I will have to use at least the trunion section from a Prexis receiver(is it machined as part of the receiver or preesed in the front and spot welded into the receiver?)....or use the original.

3)Use a Ar-15 9mm bolt and carrier,so I will need a receiver with an even more reduced ID.(I'll strip my AR and get the measurements I need)

4) you guessed it...I might have to use a AR type recoil/buffer system.

5) I will use the M31 fillers amd magazine systems

6) I will fabricate a "pin-on" style strigger housing w/ pistol grip.

7) Use a Ar strigger group.(The Chip McCormick drop in unit in My AR might get swapped out and used on this project)

8) I would also like to only use the "locking" part of the barrel shroud.Cut the rest off and attach a "free-floating" ,AR style handguard to the locking piece.

9)I would have a cocking handle attached directly to the bolt and be positioned on the left side of the receiver.So I will need to machine out a slot in the receiver for it.

That's all I can think of for now....

And you fellows thinking "why not buy a 9mm upper for you AR and be done with it"

a) that's no fun....

b) The guns that I buy sit in the safe a hell of alot more than the ones I build.

c) You'll eventually go crazy if you don't attempt some of the idea's you may have.I think too much as it is....the more I think and not DO...the worse it gets!

Thanks for reading and please feel free to add any comments....a little flame won't kill me,It'll just burn for awile.

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