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Weaponeer.net : About Us


Weaponeer.net, the premier online home gunsmithing website.

At its start, Weaponeer.net (Weaponeer Armament Resources LLC) was the first website dedicated to running groups buys on weapon parts, and it remained that way until weapon parts kits pretty much dried up. Weaponeer started evolving into a gun building website early on as it was a nature evolution. People wanted to buy a parts kit, and learn how to build them (legally) all in one location. As Weaponeer.net grew it became more of a build site than a group buy site, and now you see very few items sold in group buys here. In fact we only list items that are of benefit to our membership, and at the lowest possible prices.

Now Weaponeer.net is the premier online home gunsmithing website used by amateur gunsmiths, professional gunsmiths, large companies, military contractors and every day people. You will find information on building specific weapons, as well as completely scratch built weapons (all 100% legal), and you will find advanced discussions on fire control groups (FCG), methods of operation (gas, recoil, bolt etc), making barrels, receivers, stocks etc from steel, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, and even carbon fiber.

Here you can ask a theoretical question on weapons and design and get feedback on that idea, just as much as you could get advice about welding, refinishing, and even wood work. Because Weaponeer.net does not specialize in just one weapon system, we have members which cover not only one weapon type, but many (from black powder to modern), and skill sets ranging from just starting out to extremely gifted.

Weaponeer.net is about sharing what you know for the good of the community and the membership as a whole, and not about making money. Our goal is to keep the second amendment alive so that we can continue our hobby and pass it on to our children. Anyone can shoot a weapon, but few can build them, until now…

The Name:

Weaponeer was a marksmanship training device. Kind of like a pinball machine with a rifle mounted to the top. I was trained as a weapons instructor and used the Weaponeer as a tool to train the troops in the unit. Originally the name was used to designate people who worked on nuclear weapons (such as the first bombs), but now the meaning of the name Weaponeer is one who designs weapons, (including nuclear weapons) which is fitting to the home gunsmith (this website has had a lot to do with the refined definition after nearly a decade of use).

The Owner:

Weaponeer.net is a 100% disabled veteran owned company, by “Weaponeer” (hard to guess that one).

16 years in the military ranging from the Wisconsin Army National Guard as a full time technician, to active duty including Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, and from weapons repair to running Ammunition Supply Points, to Platoon Sgt. I was also a weapons instructor and trainer, and I shot on a number of Pistol and Rifle teams, and represented my unit in national shooting competitions.

 When I left the Army in 2000 I ended up as a computer programmer for fortune 200 companies, but after 9/11 the I.T. industry took a dive, and I jumped back into what I do best “weapons” and have been there ever since, and now after 26 years of nearly 24/7 of working with weapons and designs I branched off into weapon videos (see our Weaponeer YouTube channel), and weapon testing and product reviews including the use of our high speed camera system.


Weaponeer.net is currently based in Wisconsin, with a test site in the Nevada high desert.

If you are interested in having products sold in our store, having your product or even weapons tested/evaluated then feel free to email me to see what we can do for you.

We hope you enjoy Weaponeer.net, and we are sure you will find it’s one of the friendliest well mannered gun websites to be found, and our staffs of administrators and moderators are here to help you in any way they can.

Stay Safe

Stay Legal

Stay Prepared

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